Lynne Cover Biography

As one of the founders of Elite Service, Lynne has over 30 years of experience in the trucking industry. Accounting, dispatch, logs, driving, and even putting up sidekits and tarping loads, she's done it all. Lynne is the primary force behind the success of Elite Service. Before starting Elite Service, Lynne worked at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center as a Respiratory Therapist. She has since taken business courses at a local college and continues to study independently in her spare time. Having grown up on a farm, she learned her work ethic early when she worked long hours at market and was responsble for her daily chores. Lynne enjoys adventerous sports, including parachuting, scubadiving, and flying. She holds her private pilots license as well as her CDL. In her spare time, Lynne enjoys spending time on her deck reading, birdwatching and playing guitar, or spending time with her three grandchildren.